10-Minute “Faith Talks” to Grow Your Faith

Wish you could quickly expand your knowledge of Faith so you’re “equipped for every good work”? Now you can.


The Dynamic Duo: Grace and Truth


Faith Expressed As Service


Now, more than ever, people are craving…




And at the heart of every person is a desire to…




Our mission is to help people know more about faith in a clear, powerfully succinct way.


That’s why…




Right now, video is the easiest and most effective way to spread a message.

Discover how Know My Faith will help people quickly grow in their faith

The Clearer the Message, The More Powerful It Resonates

When it comes to knowing about “faith”, many people are so overwhelmed with the amount of things that compete for their attention, they don’t know what Jesus is all about. Know My Faith is focused on producing impactful, bite-sized videos on only one topic of faith so that people can quickly learn more about the faith, be able to explain their faith with confidence, and share their faith with ease.

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Knowing more, explaining and sharing your faith should be simple

Chances are, you’d love to know more about the faith too, about what other “factions” or denominations believe, or about how to explain your faith with ease. Either you’re already comfortable sharing your faith or you just want to know a little bit more so you can become comfortable explaining your faith so that sharing your faith isn’t something that makes you sweat bullets.


Stressful, isn’t it?

What you need is a medium that equips you quickly and frees you from the stress of “not knowing enough” so you can focus on what matters most, like building relationships with people who don’t know the Lord and encouraging the ones who do.


A powerful “faith platform” can help you reduce that stress

Being able to quickly view and share powerful, digestible videos with believers and non-believers alike means you’re sowing the seed. And once you do that, your life (and ability to fulfill the great commission) becomes a whole lot more meaningful.


Dr. Keith Newman
Dr. Keith Newman

President, Southern Nazarene University

Watch Dr. Newman’s Faith Talk:

“The Dynamic Duo: Grace & Truth”

Ann Felton Gilliland

CEO, Central Oklahoma Habitat for Humanity

Watch Ann’s Faith Talk:

“Faith Expressed As Service”


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Producing 2 Viral Video “Faith Talks” in Just Two Weeks (and 50/year)

In 2017, God gave us the idea for “Know My Faith”. And in very short order, we were able to secure seed funding, schedule two “faith talks”, shoot and produce them. Not only are we moving with speed, the funding from generous donors—people like you—allows us to speed up the impact.

You’re Passionate About Your Faith or You’re a “Truth Seeker” or Both

Either you’re passionate about helping “non-believers” know the hope you’ve found in Jesus Christ. Or you’re not a follower of Jesus but are simply seeking Truth. Either way, you overwhelmed with the difficulty in finding answers to your questions. Fortunately, there’s a better way. Join us as we’re creating something new, helping people like you know about the faith. We can’t wait to show you how.

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